Go Grocer uses plastic bags. They are fast, easy, convenient, great for marketing and they are a staple of the American grocery shopping experience. But in lieu of the plastic bag ban in the city of Chicago we may have to reconsider how we provide our customers with a means of taking their groceries home. Plastic bags are one of those touchstone topics of debate where we all know they suck for the environment but we are so accustomed to using them that we kind of turn a blinds eye. We’ll get to that later, we say to ourselves.

Well, the time to start using our imaginations towards a more earth friendly world is coming upon us, in more ways than one. We will just attempt to address plastic bags at this point. One small step of many small steps we will have to take. We have seen how some food stores have been effective in eliminating plastic bags from their customer experience, Whole Foods, Costco and Trader Joe’s to name a few. Of course your thinking, they are large chain venues and have the money to make those choices. It is a big part of their branding as well. We are certain however that with some creative thinking, even smaller boutique, convenient stores such as ours can come up with cost effective and fun ways to replace the infamous plastic bag.

What are some of your ideas?


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