People approach us all the time about wanting to work with us—so we thought it was a good idea to put together a list of some of the more commonly asked questions. Once you check these out, if you still think you are the right partner for us, send us a note.

Is Go Grocer a franchise?
Go Grocer is not a franchise. Our focus is on capturing the local feel of the neighborhoods we are located in while giving our customers healthy, diverse, high quality food choices. We are highly invested in supporting local vendors as well, which gives our stores a unique community atmosphere.

Though we currently have no plans to franchise, we do have aggressive plans to grow in Chicago. If you’d like to be kept abreast of our growth, head to our CONTACT US page and let us know you’d like to find out how more.
I think Go Grocer would be perfect for (blank) location. Who makes those decisions?
We’re are always looking to grow and welcome any real estate ideas. We are approached often by landlords and real estate developers and we will work with them if the location and deal is mutually beneficial. We want landlords/developers to be on our side; our partners in growth.

Part of what makes Go Grocer great is that we cater to the needs of the areas we are located in, giving each store its own personality and atmosphere while staying true to our overall vision. If you think you have a space that you’d want Go Grocer to be in, email us through our CONTACT US page with the opportunity.
Who does your marketing/advertising?
We firmly believe that the best marketing is a great customer experience. This is why we feel our best marketing efforts are toward improving the in-store experience, perfecting our available products, and making sure our staff is happy. We know if we take care of our customer, then they will tell others about us.

We will partner with mediums that fit Go Grocer’s goals and are part of our marketing strategy, such as select publications, events, organizations and social networking. If you feel you have an opportunity that fits with Go Grocer’s goals, email us through our CONTACT US page with the opportunity. Go Grocer will not participate in a “daily deal” or Groupon-like promotion. We are always looking for and developing creative ways to reward our loyal customer base, such as our free wine club membership. If you have any great marketing ideas, again feel free to contact us.
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