We started Go Grocer with a simple mind-set: to introduce our passion for wholesome & specialty products to the wickerpark/bucktown neighborhood.

We started in a modest 1200sqft space and within several months word spread quickly about us and we relocated and expanded our business the following year to a brand new space, almost triple the size of the original. Customers from other parts of Chicago kept suggesting various other neighborhoods and within another year our second location in the South Loop was born. Spring of 2013 saw the opening of our Lakeview location, a central kitchen in logan square that makes freshly made meal options daily for our stores, and Go Tavern, a bar/liquor with a strong emphasis and niche spirits and specialty craft beers.

Paul and Greg Stellatos


Go Grocer was founded on the desire to provide fresh, wholesome and specialty products to its customers. We also serve as an avenue for local producers and vendors to sell their products. We are passionate about working closely with our neighbors to cater each store to the specific needs of the area while maintaining our core vision.

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